Our Expertise

SellPromo employees have a deep knowledge of the specifics of the IT market and have many years of experience in the sales and marketing departments of global vendors and major Russian system integrators. The total number of projects that SellPromo worked on has exceeded 130.

Our Specialization

Since the first day of our company’s work, we have been providing support to companies working in the IT industry. Leaders of the Russian IT market and major global vendors trust SellPromo and let it develop and conduct marketing activities.

We work on campaigns related to the solutions and products of the major IT companies. Experts of SellPromo have experience in the IT market and profound knowledge of its peculiarities. We understand that knowledge of technology is more than just remembering big words and definitions.

In addition, we have extensive experience in the co-marketing activities of partners and vendors. We know the requirements and procedures of vendors when establishing activities, reporting requirements, existing restrictions and we are able to work with this.



We help IT companies create targeted and integrated marketing campaigns, which eventually make them stand out among competitors.

If we want to help you sell a product, we should know the product and the market at which you sell it. Here are just a few areas we worked in:

We work with vendors and distributors, as well as with system integrators and other IT companies, helping them sell a wide range of technological solutions, including security, virtualization, and cloud computing.

Our Projects

 Servers and Data Centers


Business Analytics

Cloud technologies

Corporate network

Business Intelligence


 IT Security


We will develop and conduct a campaign in accordance with your tasks and needs. 
If necessary, we will take marketing and advertising functions for outsourcing.

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