Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns are the most efficient and fastest way to identify customers with existing needs or the needs that will occur in the foreseeable future.

Such campaigns combine classic and inbound marketing and it is the reason why the results are achieved almost immediately.

Our company usually conducts two types of campaigns:

  • on cold contacts. In this case, our customers increase their client base qualitatively due to the development of databases according to certain criteria, regions and industries.
  • on existing contacts. In the course of such campaigns, our customers return the clients that left or stimulate the “sleeping” customers.

We combine all or several of the following activities in one campaign, depending on the tasks:


Communicating on the phone is a key element in finding customers. But in current context of information noise, it is very difficult to get through to the decision maker. That’s why, our company takes comprehensive efforts, working with potential customers on all fronts.

Inbound marketing makes it possible to use the site as a full-fledged tool that draws and converts website visitors into leads.

We create (reference and informative) content, which works with potential clients by developing the image of the company, as a major expert in the required areas.

Setting up channels in social networks, which enable you to catch and work with potential customers in the general public.

Drawing potential clients to events (seminars, conferences, etc.), so that customers could show their competencies and capabilities of their products while interacting personally.

Our recommendation: teaser campaign

This is the most efficient type of integrated campaigns. The campaign combines offline and online perfectly and is based on a puzzle or intrigue, exciting the potential customer’s interest in the product/service. Due to the game form and quest element, potential customers have no negative emotions, which often occur in the process of specifying needs. 

The standard results indicate high efficiency: 15-25% of A and B qualified leads and 35-55% of C leads (in general, up to 75-80% of positive responses to the manager’s call). No other type of marketing activity has such high results.


We will develop and conduct a campaign in accordance with your tasks and needs.
If necessary, we will take marketing and advertising functions for outsourcing.

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