Board games for IT

Board games for IT industry are one of the unique areas developed by our company.

We can create or adapt a game from scratch for your company. And in our portfolio there are 3 different games that are ready for use in marketing activities.

All the employees of the department, team, friends or even with family can play them (the principle will be interesting even for people that are not keen on IT). And yet, the main goal is to involve representatives of the IT sphere in the game. Games can be fully branded and adapted to the tasks of your marketing campaign.


Примеры игр:

The game involves various components of the IT infrastructure, network threats and a card of the super-defender, which can help in the fight against threats and save other participants, if the right choice is made.

The game uses about 150 cards, but everyone can play it, even people that are not keen on IT. The main task of the participants of the game is to assemble the IT infrastructure before the rivals. In addition to this task, each participant draws a card with incidents. For example, the accountant Zinaida Petrovna, without checking the addressee, opened the letter and clicked on the link with the virus, afterwards the company’s local network was infected, and some of the data were lost. The player gives one of the security cards to the player sitting on the right. Moreover, participants can negotiate and share missing infrastructures and enter into partnerships with other participants.

Just 60 seconds - Deadline

A board game with a playing field, a dice and an hourglass. The principle is to beat out the rivals and get to the finish line first, and faster than all the viruses that move around the field independently and don’t depend on the actions of the players.

How can the games be used in your activities?

IT-game can be a souvenir for visitors of your events, as well as a corporate gift for your customers and employees for the New Year, the company’s birthday or other holidays. The game can be used as a teambuilding element or a component of teaser campaigns or digital activities to stimulate potential customers go to landing, fill out a form, pass a test, etc.


We will develop and conduct a campaign in accordance with your tasks and needs.
If necessary, we will take marketing and advertising functions for outsourcing.

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