Our company offers two types of telemarketing:

  • We work on the provided contact's data base. In this case, we cannot establish and guarantee a specific number of leads, because final results will depend on the quality of the base, on the product / service offered, etc. Typically, the cost of such campaigns is determined by the number of contacts in the database.
  • we guarantee the number of leads to be generated. We take one or several databases and work on them until we get a certain number of leads.

We provide telemarketing campaigns as follows:

  • on the basis of the set goals we form the basis for calling and compose a script
  • after agreeing and approving the database and script, our teleagents begin calling
  • in the course of calling, identification of leads takes place (classification according to the BANT-methodology)
  • we provide a full statistical report (number of calls, number of closed contacts, number of leads, etc.) and a list of leads daily
  • there is a process of checking the leads by the project coordinator and the customer along with the campaign
  • upon completion of the campaign, the customer is provided with final accounts and a developed database with notes and comments from the teleagent.


We will develop and conduct a campaign in accordance with your tasks and needs.
If necessary, we will take marketing and advertising functions for outsourcing.

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